The pitch challenge is my own methodology with which I have trained more than 29,500 people on how to tell their idea in 1 minute.

You will receive specialized training like the one received by companies such as Kimberly Clark Professional, Nespresso, RCN Radio, Chevrolet and the Luker Foundation.

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What will you learn in this assertive communication course?

Con el lobo de Wall Street

Online course on assertiveness and charisma in communication

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What skills will you learn in this course?
of assertive communication?

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Course syllabus

1. Introduction to the course – 4m 23s

2. Presentations that have challenged me on a personal level – 4m 33s

3. The first impact (law of 5 seconds) – 4m 45s

4. What the other wants to hear – 4m 1s

5. A minute to build trust – 4m 52s

6. Hacks to create powerful intros – 3m 15s

7. Use of hands and corporal expression – 3m 58s

8. Charisma and good humor – 3m 15s

9. Pace and speeds – 3m 55s

10. Improvisation – using context – 4m 40s

11. Eye contact – 2m 27s

12. Memorable closings – 2m 47s

13. Project part 1: Introduction of your presentation – 1m 17s

14. Why do we all like to be told stories? – 3m 56s

15. Analysis: Memorable Speeches – 5m 13s

16. Project part 2. Call To Action, the best way to influence others – 5m 4s

17. Introduction to conscious communication – 3m 8s

18. What we ask of others vs what we demand – 4m 44s

19. Observe without evaluating – 4m 2s

20. Arguing from empathy – 4m 15s

21. Genuine gratitude as a key in communication – 4m 22s

22. Final Project – Pitch Challenge – 4m 12s

23. Conclusions – 2m 12s

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In this Crehana course you will learn how to communicate your ideas clearly and engage your audience, you will develop your charisma and sense of humor to be a more receptive person, in addition to showing you the recipe for communication.

Of course. Starting from scratch will make you grow a lot in your ability to climb wherever you want, even from there you can reach that leadership position.

Of course. One of the most common myths about public speaking is that there is only a part of the population that has the gift of leaving their audience speechless. This is totally false, public speaking is like a muscle, you must train it and if you don’t use it it atrophies, in this course you will learn all the tools to start learning.

It is a methodology where you must tell your business idea in 1 minute, this is going to challenge you a lot and structure your proposal in a practical way.

If you have a great idea, but you don’t know how to tell it, it’s very difficult for someone to believe in you. The opportunities are there, you have to be attentive and prepared, knowing how to speak and connect is a brutal way to promote them.

Write to LaguBot +57 316 1786916 and tell me what your interest is. There you will receive exclusive information (blog posts, newsletter, Ebooks, courses) in the field that is important to you.

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