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How does it feel to speak to more than 5,000 people?
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What I dedicate my life to

Who is Carlos Laguna?

Industrial Engineer of the UTP, Specialist in Negotiation, entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and member of boards of directors. VP Creative and Founding Partner of CPC Agency.

He has achieved great notoriety in the marketing industry. This mentality led him to win the “Creative Young Entrepreneur Award” awarded by the International Junior Chamber and more than 100 awards in marketing and creativity. His history is full of memorable moments with brands such as Chevrolet, RCN, Caracol Radio, Vanti, Eafit, Kimberly Clark Latinoamérica, Varta, Black & Decker, Nespresso, Café Buen día y Bancolombia.

A lot wanna be little wanna do

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With the Wolf of Wall Street

Carlos Laguna - Miniatura - El Lobo de Wall Street
Play Video about Carlos Laguna - Miniatura - El Lobo de Wall Street

More than 5,000 attendees in the main auditorium of Plaza Mayor in Medellín, Colombia, had the opportunity to answer the question: What is my purpose? And learn from the lecturer and former broker Jordan Belfort’s persuasion and sales techniques.

Carlos Laguna - Miniatura - El Lobo de Wall Street
Play Video about Carlos Laguna - Miniatura - El Lobo de Wall Street

Some of my most important events?

I am the creator of CPC, The Glocal Agency, Short books, BrainBox, The Pitch Challenge, mentor of the
Influir Business Network, SKP Magazine, and 100% Colombian awards.

Carlos Laguna - Miniatura - Gira caracol radio
Play Video about Carlos Laguna - Miniatura - Gira caracol radio

Champions Tour
Caracol Radio

We toured all over Colombia, virtually helping the commercial team of Caracol Radio to understand COVID – 19. Where is the opportunity?

Carlos Laguna - Miniatura - Emprendelo
Play Video about Carlos Laguna - Miniatura - Emprendelo

Undertaking with the
cyclist Santiago Botero

Entrepreneurs, day by day, face significant challenges. The key is to look for practical solutions to meet them. This time we tell the story of CPC Agency and the cyclist Santiago Botero who inspired us to get all our strength to reach the goal.

Carlos Laguna - Miniatura - The pitch Chanllege
Play Video about Carlos Laguna - Miniatura - The pitch Chanllege

The Pitch Challenge

With the entire team leaders of Nespresso Colombia, we share our workshop, The Pitch Challenge, learning the art of public speaking, persuading the client, and developing our body language.

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With this guide you will learn to use some of the best digital tools of this 2021, thanks to these you can give  a great boost to your entrepreneurship projects.

My best courses

Learn about Communication, Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, improve your prospecting for new customers and acquire negotiation techniques for prospecting.

Assertiveness and charisma in communication

Leadership with purpose

Commercial prospecting and negotiation

Assertive communication 

What THEY say about my work

The Most Exciting Part of Achieving a PURPOSE it’s
watching others discover theirs.

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